President of the Championship

Valery Uspensky

Valery Uspensky (Russia) is People’s Artist of Russia, Professor. Head of Academic Choir Department, St. Petersburg N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatoire. Valery Uspensky is head of Academic Choir Department at the St. Petersburg Conservatoire and directs the Students Choir. Member of the Presidium of All-Russian Choral Society, Honorary Rector of Khabarovsk State Institute of Culture and Arts, the permanent chairman of the jury of the International Choir Competition and vocal ensembles “The Singing World” named after Yuri Falik. Until recently conducted master classes with choirs around the world, the chairman of the jury of numerous international and national competitions. Valery Uspensky is organizer and artistic director of the I Youth Choral Festival, chamber and symphonic music, which was held from 24 to 29 November 2012 in St. Petersburg, and was dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the St. Petersburg Conservatory.



Members of the Jury

Андреа Анджелини

Andrea Angelini (Italy) is PHD of Choral Music, the President of AERCO (the Emilia-Romagna Regional Association of Choirs), a member for Italy of the «World Choir Council», the Editor of the International Choral Bulletin (ICB), the membership magazine of the IFCM (International Federation for Choral Music); the Artistic Director of the Choral Festival «Voci nei Chiostri» (Rimini), of the «Rimini International Choral Competition», of the «Claudio Monteverdi Choral Competition», of the «Queen of the Adriatic Sea Choral Festival and Competition» and of the «Liviu Borlan Choral Festival; the Artistic Director and Conductor of the professional group «Musica Ficta» Vocal Ensemble. He has been member of the Jury at International Choir’s Competitions in Italy, Europe and Asia, frequently leads choral workshops in Italy and abroad; has written numerous transcriptions and arrangements for choirs and chamber ensembles.


Романс Ванагс жюри ЧМ 2017

Romans Vanags (Latvia) is professor of choir conducting at the Latvian Academy of Music (Riga), guest professor in Beijing Central Conservatory of Music (China); one of Artistic directors of INTERKULTUR (Germany) organization and also Chairman of the Latvian Choral Conductors’ Board; the principal conductor of the Latvian University female choir named «Minjona», chief conductor and artistic director of Jāzeps Mediņš Music School boys’ choir. Professor Vanags is Artistic director of 1st International Choir Competition Sing’n‘Joy in Princeton (USA, 2017), one of Artistic directors of 9th World Choir Games in Sochi (Russia, 2016), artistic director and chief conductor of Nordic Baltic Song Festival in Riga (Latvia, 2015), Artistic director of 8th World Choir Games in Riga (Latvia, 2014), one of the chief conductors of the All Latvian Song Celebration and the Youth Song Festival. He has been the organizer of various courses for conductors in numerous countries around the world and also jury member of many international choral competitions. In 2008 received the highest civil decoration in Latvia — the Three Star Order.


Жюри Талмар ЧМ 17_1

Raul Talmar (Estonia) – the President of the Estonian Choral Association, Assistant Proffessor of choral conducting in Tallinn University, the conducter of the mixed choir K.O.O.R. During 35 years he has stood in front of many Estonian top choirs such as the Academic Male Choir of the Tallinn University of Technology, the male choir of the Helsinki Trade University, the female choir of the Klementi Sewing Factory, the Pärnu Mattone Chamber Choir, the National Girls’ Choir «LEELO», the Tallinn Russian Choir and Tallinn St. Charles Church Concert Choir. Since 1993 has conducted mixed and female choirs at the Youth Song Celebrations and since 2004 at all Estonian Song and Dance Celebrations; the artistic director of the Estonian programme of the 16th Gaudeamus Students’ Song Festival (2011). He was nominated the prize «Conductor of the Year» by the Estonian Choral Association (2006).


каталог Яруцкая фото ЧМ17

Larisa Yarutskaya (Russia) is Senior Lecturer of the Academic Choir Department at the St. Petersburg Institute of Culture, artistic director of the children’s choir «Perezvony (Chimes)» of the St. Petersburg M.I. Glinka children’s school of arts, which has many times won the Grand Prix; artistic director of the Children’s Choir of the International Elena Obraztsova Academy of Music; winner of the St. Petersburg Government Prize, winner of the Ministry of Culture Prize of the Russian Federation «The best Art School teacher of 2015», winner of national and international competitions; board member of the Concert Community of St. Petersburg.



Жюри Корнев ЧМ 17

Nikolai Kornev (Russia) is Honored Artist of Russia; artistic director and chief conductor of the St. Petersburg Chamber Choir, winner of several international competitions and holder of the American Recording Academy «Grammy» Award (1994); founder of the 1st International festival of choral music in St Petersburg; awarded the Order of the «Badge of Honor».




Honorary Jury:

Archbishop Ambrose of Peterhof

Archbishop AMBROSE of Peterhof is Vicar of St. Petersburg diocese, rector of the St. Petersburg Orthodox Theological Academy.


Special prize of the Council for Culture of the St. Petersburg Diocese

“For The Best Performance Of Sacred Music“




Priest Elias Makarov

Representative of Archbishop Ambrose of Peterhof on the jury:


Priest Ilya Makarov (St. Petersburg, Russia) is Executive Secretary of the Council for Culture of the St. Petersburg diocese, first deputy chairman of the Department of Religious Education and Catechesis of the St. Petersburg diocese; teacher of St. Petersburg Theological Academy, Master of Divinity.




Почетное жюри - Коновалова

Marina Konovalova is choirmaster, Head of the department of folk art of the State budgetary culture institution «House of Folk Art» at the Committee for Culture of the Leningrad region, head of the All-Russian Choral Society Chapter in the Leningrad region, awarded the public service medal «Glory of the Fatherland»


Special Prize

«For outstanding achievements in the field of choral art»



Почетное жюри - Комлева

Maria Komleva is Instruction Adviser of the board of teachers of choral disciplines at the St. Petersburg State institution of vocational training » St. Petersburg Center of Education in culture and art»; Artistic Director of «Rassvet (Dawn)» choir of the Art School for children No. 4; holder of a Letter of Merit of the Ministry of Culture and trade unions, winner of international competitions.




Почетное жюри - Думченко

Andrei Dumchenko is Honored Educator of the Russian Federation, winner of All-Russian competitions, head of the Municipal Educational and Methodological Association of directors of children’s choirs, composer, director of the Younger children’s choir at the «Iskra (Spark)” Choral Studio, artistic director of the «Cantabile» children’s choral studio.



Почетное жюри - Линева

Nadezhda Lineva is President of the NGO «Women and the economy of St. Petersburg», Vice-President, Member of the Board of the Russian public organization «Women in Business», Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the St. Petersburg training center «The Okhta Center of aesthetic education», Director of the first international competition of young visually challenged musicians «Above the Self»


Special Prizes

«For high performing skills»

«For the Will to Win»


Yakov Dubravin is the People’s Artist of Russia, composer, professor of the St. Petersburg Institute of Culture, professor emeritus of the New York Academy of Sciences, President of the International Festival of Choral Art “The Singing World”, discipline head of “Children’s Choral Performing Art” at the Elena Obraztsova International Academy of Music, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Composer. Saint Petersburg publishing house, a member of the Russian Union of Composers and the Union of Concert Performers of St. Petersburg; winner of numerous contests and festivals.


Special Prize

«Best Soloist of the championship»