Children and Youth Choral World Championship

St. Petersburg, Russia

February 22 – 26, 2017

Deadline extended until 30 December!


булавин в.и.To the participants and organizers of the 3rd Children and Youth Choir World Championship

 Dear friends!

I cordially greet all the participants, organizers and guests of the 3rd Children and Youth Choir World Championship, who have gathered in one of the most beautiful cities of the Earth — St. Petersburg, in a remarkable celebration of youth, unity and choral art.

The Championship gives all participants a unique opportunity to demonstrate their talents and skills, helping to open up new creative horizons, and to expand the boundaries of innovative ideas, to share their experiences with colleagues.

I am confident that the Championship will strengthen friendship and mutual understanding between the young people, bringing together the talented participants from different countries under its wing.

Let the Championship bring us the joy of communication, new friends, and write a colorful and unforgettable page in the story of the city.

I wish all the participants of the 3rd Children and Youth Choir Championship a world of good, success, happiness, peace and prosperity!


Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation

in the North-Western Federal District

V.I. Bulavin

Фотография В.С. Макарова -  несжатаяDear friends!

I am glad to welcome the participants and guests of the 3rd Children and Youth Choir World Championship!

This unique, one of its kind, festival of choral art has a noble and gratifying goal — to identify and support talented children and young people, to involve young musicians with the spiritual heritage and singing culture of the world through the art of choral singing.

Great many thanks to the organizers, teachers, tutors and parents for providing conditions for creative communication and cooperation of children and youth choirs from different regions of Russia and foreign countries.

I am grateful, and I admire all the participants of the Choir Championship, because I know that you have given all your powers, all your talent in preparation for the St. Petersburg contest and want to show the best qualities of choral singers, demonstrating your skills at the highest level.

You have arrived in St. Petersburg with the mission of children’s diplomacy. Having made friends with other kids, you will not only find new friends from other countries, but your participation will strengthen international relations and contribute to peace.

I am convinced that the anthem of the Choir Championship «The Children Are Asking for Peace» will serve as an example for us, adults, to successfully address problems in politics, economics and culture.

I wish a happy journey to your festival, and all-round support, friendship, happiness, prosperity and success to everyone!


Yours faithfully, Secretary of the St. Petersburg

Regional Chapter of «UNITED RUSSIA» Party

V.S. Makarov

KorchmarDear friends!

I cordially greet the organizers, participants and guests of the 3rd Children and Youth Choir World Championship!

It is nice to know that this festival of Choral Art will open a new page in the cultural life of St. Petersburg introducing to us bright young talents.

This unique project aims to preserve and enhance the cultural heritage of local authors, attracting the interest of young audiences to the choral art. It allows the public to listen to contemporary music and to meet the composers who write for the children and young people.

I have no doubt that the Championship will bring true delight not only to the lovers of choral music, but will also show the youth of today, that the academic high art may be interesting, exciting and ready to change the world today.

I sincerely wish all the participants of the Championship lots of inspiration and artistic discoveries, and the guests of this holiday of music — bright impressions from the communion with the beautiful!

Chairman of the Union of Composers of St. Petersburg,

Art director of the «Petersburg Musical Spring» international festival,

Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation,

The Government of St. Petersburg Award winner,

Professor G.O. Korchmar

Васильев-и.о. ректора_minDear friends and colleagues!

I greet the organizers, participants and guests of the 3rd Children and Youth Choir World Championship! 

It is gratifying that this tradition emerged in St. Petersburg, a city with a powerful spiritual potential, the largest cultural center of Russia.

The format of an artistic contest allows to set up the conditions for creation and development of professional skills of the younger generation.

I hope that the fair competition and cooperation will unveil the outstanding achievements in choral art, which will be a new milestone in the development of the national choral culture.

I am confident that the Championship will be held at a high level. Let each of the participants take away with them an unforgettable experience, make new friends, so that the tradition of this festival grows and develops.

Acting Rector of the St. Petersburg N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatory

A.N. Vasiliev

Почетное жюри - ЛиневаDear friends and colleagues!

Participants of the 3rd Children and Youth World Choir Championship!

With great respect, I address you, wishing you success in participation and demonstration of all the strengths of your teams under the roof of the majestic building of the St. Petersburg Dmitry Shostakovich Academic Philharmonic.

Your participation is enforced by the desire to win and reach the goal, bringing your professional level to perfection.

I wish that you were able to express your feelings and desire for peace and good in the language of music, touching the hearts of your audiences, who, I’m sure, will respond with love and appreciation for your work.

Hopefully, the Championship and your colorful performances will strengthen peace and friendship between the nations of our planet.

Yours faithfully,

Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Championship

President of the NGO «Women and the economy of St. Petersburg»

Member of the Board of the Russian public organization «Women in Business «, chairperson of the St. Petersburg regional chapter of the Russian public organization «Women in Business»

N.N. Lineva

Соколова (2)Dear chorus members! Greetings to the participants of the 3rd Children and Youth Choir World Championship!

The form of the Championship is unusual for choral singing, but the sporting spirit of rivalry, the desire to achieve the best results — this is both the pursuit of high art and preservation of traditions of the world musical culture.

The cultural capital of Russia — Saint Petersburg — hospitably opens its doors to the choirs and wishes them an honest artistic battle, inspiration and good luck!

And to the organizing committee of the Championship — new heights, interesting projects and prosperity!

Director General of the International Artistic Festival «A Step Forward»

Artistic director of the «A Step Forward» festival

Member of the working group of the Commission on Integration and maintenance of handicapped children and women of the Presidential Council,

Advisor to the Governor of St. Petersburg

V.D. Sokolova

ЕвстафьеваGreetings to the participants of the 3rd Children and Youth Choir World Championship!

It’s nice to experience the atmosphere of choral art and feel the spirit of artistic competition. The Championship expands the boundaries of cooperation, preserves the traditions and promotes choral singing in all its diversity. I wish lots of creative inspiration to all participants, and sustainable success and recognition not only in Russia but also in the near and far abroad – to the organizers and the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the choral Championship!

Yours faithfully, Winner of the International Competitions,

soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre

N.D. Evstafieva

The Center of International Cooperation «Inter Aspect» would like to invite you to participate in The Second Children-Youth Choral World Championship to be held in St.Petersburg from 18 to 22 February 2015.

The purpose of World Choral Championship for Children and Youth is to detect and support gifted children and youth, to introduce young musicians to the spiritual heritage and world singing culture by means of the choral singing art. The Championship sets up conditions for creative communication and cooperation of children and youth choral collectives from different regions of Russia and foreign countries.

Participation in the Championship must facilitate preservation and development of choral singing traditions and help both participants and leaders of choruses in their creative growth, communication, increase of professional skills. In the process of the Championship, participants will have the possibilities to establish new creative contacts with each other, as well as with prominent workers of the singing art.


  • Opening of new names and talents in children and youth choral singing;
  • Making of creative atmosphere for communication of the Championship participants, establishing and strengthening of friendly relations with choruses from different countries, stirring up cultural exchange;
  • Popularization of choral art and positive motivation of singing in a chorus;
  • Increase of professional level of leaders (master classes, round table for leaders and meetings with jury members);
  • Development of tolerance of youth, adequate understanding of other cultures, methods of self-expression and manifestation of human individuality;
  • Development of volunteer movement among students of Conducting and Choral Departments, engaging them in the work with participants;
  • Engaging of musical producers and managers in organization of the following touring and concert activity of the Championship participants.