Children and Youth Choral World Championship

St. Petersburg, Russia

February 17 – 21, 2016


S.U. Agapitova

I welcome all participants of the Children and Youth Choral World Championship with sincere pleasure!

The voice is a true miracle. With it, we can express the whole palette of human feelings and emotions: to convey enthusiasm, to instill faith and give hope.

And when the voices of children are heard in a united choir, merging in unison, harmony, joy and happiness are born. After all, choral singing does not only give the joy of co-creation, it brings together, makes us listen to one another.

Undoubtedly, the new competition will be a good stimulus for the development of young singers. I wish all the participants to reveal their talents fully and experience that joy of cocreation!

Let your soul sing always!

 Ombudswoman for Children’s Rights in St. Petersburg

Svetlana Agapitova

A.R. MelnikovaI welcome the participants of the 2nd Children and Youth World Choral Championship with great enthusiasm! You have not laid down your arms, you are here, and that is great.

It means that you have successfully overcome the most difficult period — that of transition from excitement from work to a stable and happy routine.

The delight is still there, but everyday work was added. I wish the 2nd festival a powerful surge of emotions, a dynamic development.

Do not lose the feeling of wonder and admiration with music, enjoy it and shine!

 Honored Artist of  Russia, member of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly

Anastasia Melnikova

Nadezhda LinyovaDear friends, participants of the Children and Youth World Choral Championship, we warmly welcome you in the beautiful concert halls of St. Petersburg, widely known throughout the world.

In 2014, the Year of Russian Culture, our city — the cultural capital of Russia — hosted the first festival, and its history began. We hope that 2015, which was proclaimed the Year of Literature by the President of the Russian Federation, will introduce you to the young contemporary composers using imagery from literature in malyshevtheir work.

Thanks to the people of culture living in our city, you have a great opportunity to compete for the title of the best in the world choral championship and win wonderful prizes. Among the prizes you can find the work by artist Anatoly Annenkov from the exhibition «Imperial St. Petersburg», and the books donated by the Government of Moscow, the Department for External Relations for outstanding achievement in the field of choral art. The exhibition of costume designer Anna Nekrasova “The Faces of an Epoch“, prepared in cooperation with the branch of the Moscow House of Nationalities and the «Unity» scientific and cultural foundation, will be a wonderful gift to the participants of the choral championship. You will see the historical sites and get to know our city, bringing back a part of it to your places.

This splendid and unforgettable event will remain in your hearts and the hearts of the organizers of the Choral Championship, sharing the warmth and melodies of our city with its friends from around the world


President of the NGO “Women and the Economy“, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Okhta Center of Aesthetic Education

 Nadezhda Linyova

Director of the Branch of the Moscow House of Nationalities

Alexey Malyshev

The Center of International Cooperation «Inter Aspect» would like to invite you to participate in The Second Children-Youth Choral World Championship to be held in St.Petersburg from 18 to 22 February 2015.

The purpose of World Choral Championship for Children and Youth is to detect and support gifted children and youth, to introduce young musicians to the spiritual heritage and world singing culture by means of the choral singing art. The Championship sets up conditions for creative communication and cooperation of children and youth choral collectives from different regions of Russia and foreign countries.

Participation in the Championship must facilitate preservation and development of choral singing traditions and help both participants and leaders of choruses in their creative growth, communication, increase of professional skills. In the process of the Championship, participants will have the possibilities to establish new creative contacts with each other, as well as with prominent workers of the singing art.


  • Opening of new names and talents in children and youth choral singing;
  • Making of creative atmosphere for communication of the Championship participants, establishing and strengthening of friendly relations with choruses from different countries, stirring up cultural exchange;
  • Popularization of choral art and positive motivation of singing in a chorus;
  • Increase of professional level of leaders (master classes, round table for leaders and meetings with jury members);
  • Development of tolerance of youth, adequate understanding of other cultures, methods of self-expression and manifestation of human individuality;
  • Development of volunteer movement among students of Conducting and Choral Departments, engaging them in the work with participants;
  • Engaging of musical producers and managers in organization of the following touring and concert activity of the Championship participants.